The article: Here you can buy a smoking coffeepot from the manufactures Müller of Seiffen.

Size: about 12 x 7 x 21 cm
Quantity: one Coffeepot

The manufacturer: The tradition of the region, Erzgebirge wooden folklore has been manufactured here for more than 110 years. The Müller GmbH take pride in continuing what Edmund Oswald Müller started in 1899 in Seiffen. He offered a very wide range of products. Since 2001 the talents of the workshops lie in hands of Ringo Müller. Now the good, craft tradition thereby survives in the fourth generation. A list of all articles of the manufacturer can be found here: --Click--

Accessories: For this Smoking man you can use all standard Smoking Candles. These can also be purchased by us: --Click--

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