Candle arches, pyramids, Smoking men - All from the Erzgebirge

Welcome to our shop for Candle arches and other articles from the Erzgebirge. Different smoked figures, pyramids, candlesticks or candle holders, nutcrackers and other products belong to it. All articles come from manufacturers of the Erzgebirge and we offer this to good shipping conditions and different number payment possibilities. For questions you will reach us fast via e-mail. Write to us. With us you receive the possibility to get a piece of Erzgebirge to your home. e are a web Trusted shop, therefore, we are certificated regularly and checked. We optimise our processes permanently by your assessments. Now we are glad to improve in appearance more and more window at Christmas with our candle arches.


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For the tradition: Exactly here with us in the Erzgebirge high value is placed of tradition. Also to us of the lies a lot with the tradition of the Erzgebirge. That's why we sell nearly excluding products from the Erzgebirge. Because we cover the bought products directly from the manufacturer and fetch with this personally, we can convince ourselves of manufacturing the products here in the Erzgebirge.
The trade of the Erzgebirge broads folk art occupies here still many employees and this should also remain so. Over and over again one reads and hears of imported goods. Of course these are mostly cheap. However, the quality of such products is not to be compared to original Erzgebirge broads to products. There comes that they damage by the purchase of imported goods of the German economy and destroy therefore jobs. Many other online shops take up bit by bit imported article with in her programme, because with these articles the profit margin is bigger. On this train we do not jump up with. We remain with articles which produce here with us in the Erzgebirge and often in manual labour, are stuck and are painted.