Glässer Music box - Smoking Stove

Glässer Music box - Smoking Stove


The article: This article is a high-quality manufactured music box. The motive of this music box is "Smoking Stove" with Grandma and Grandpa. A music factory plays the right melody for the motive and moves the turntable. This music box is worked qualitatively very high grade and contains a high-quality 18-voices mechanism.

Melody: Man müßte ...
Size: about 15 cm (height)

The manufacturer: In 1932, Mr. Richard Glaesser decided to become an independent distributor in Seiffen. His early assortment consisted of semi-luxury items such as coffee, tea, cocoa, tobacco and alcohol and then in 1934, wooden figures made in Seiffen were added. At the end of the 1940's, the company added items from its own production and quickly found its own identity. In the first years after World War II, items such as chests, quill boxes, and buttons were very popular. Thereafter traditional Christmas decorations from Seiffen gained in importance. The Glaesser company developed into the most significant of pyramid producers. The blue pyramids with gates of heaven, the advent houses, or the six- or eight sided terraced pyramids are world famous. The Glaesser company expanded its line of Seiffen Christmas decorations by adding music boxes. The natural wood music box with the nativity scene and the two palms is among the oldest and most appealing. A list of all articles of the manufacturer can be found here: --Click--

Delivery date: ca. 3 - 7 days (in Germany)
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