Light triangle - Wildlife feeding, 68cm

Light triangle - Wildlife feeding, 68cm

The article: The article is a light triangle with the motif "Wildlife feeding". A light triangle is a classic icon in the Ore Mountains, too. In many windows of the houses in the Ore Mountains you can see this light triangles.

Size: 56 x 68 cm (width x height)
Lighting: 11 electric lights

The manufacturer: The firm Holzstolz GmbH is a company which makes traditional articles of the Ore Mountains. So it manufactured various articles of handicrafts, as candle arches, lights triangles and window pictures. The seat of the company is in Schwarzbach by Elterlein in the Ore Mountains. A list of all articles of the manufacturer can be found here: --Click--

Delivery date: ca. 3 - 7 days (in Germany)
incl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping

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