Smoking man Dwarf red, 16cm

Smoking man Dwarf red, 16cm


The article: This article is a high-quality manufactured smoking figur from Seiffen. Here you can buy the Smoking man "Dwarf red".

Size: about 16 cm

The manufacturer: The Seiffener Volkskunst eG was founded in 1958. Since this time it deals with the production of traditional wooden art products. The main focus is the figurative representation and production. Accordingly traditional nutcrackers, smoked figures, light figures etc. as well as numerous miniature representations count to the assortment. But also with some newer collections the company could achieve first prizes in design competitions. A list of all articles of the manufacturer can be found here: --Click--

Accessories: For this smoking man you can use all standard Smoking Candles. These can also be purchased by us: --Click--

Delivery date: topically not available (available from 21.10.24)
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