Smoking locomotive

Smoking locomotive


The article: Here you can buy an original in Ore Mountains produced Smoking locomotive with many practical functions. (look at the picture)

Size: about 17 x 9 cm

The manufacturer: The company "HELA - Crottendorfer Holzkunst" has its headquarters in Crottendorf in the heart of the Ore Mountains. Since 1998 they produced wood articles, which are also outside the Ore Mountains very popular. In the high season there are working up to 40 employees in the company. A list of all articles of the manufacturer can be found here: --Click--

Accessories: For this smoking locomotive you can use all standard Smoking Candles. These can also be purchased by us: --Click--

Delivery date: ca. 3 - 7 days (in Germany)
incl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping

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